To decide the way forward You must first know yourself

UTKRANTI helps you to know yourself, a sort of SWOT analysis, but most importantly to identify your inherent strength zone so that you can work in an area where you will find success and happiness easily.

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Utkranti Tonic

Transforming Outlook for New Insights & Capabilities

An UTKRANTI program for greater insight into yourself & to help you transform for success in life. Most useful for teenagers!

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Work in your Strength Zone for a Successful Career

We can identify your Strength Zone. A career in this zone is where you will be most successful, satisfied and happy.

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Everyone is Unique!

Although the world’s population is 7.45 billion, every single person is a unique individual!

No two people are alike! Even in identical twins there is an iota of difference between the two. Every person has some areas where she or he enjoys a natural advantage. This is known as a ‘Strength Zone’. Each person performs best in her or his own strength zone. Therefore, success depends on discovering the strength zone and making the most of it. This is what UTKRANTI does for you.

All parents work hard to give their school or college going children the best nurturing, the best education, the best facilities and support so that the children become successful in life.

What if you could give them a road map of their life based on their capabilities? And equip them with the capability to navigate their own way through life, successfully? UTKRANTI helps you to do exactly this.

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